Dumpster Diving (1)


Times are hard.  It seems like people either have huge money or they're broke.
If it's the latter, then we have to find ways to "make ends meet" (Survive financially) and to make the most of the little that we have.

One way to do this for some people is the art of dumpster diving.  Also called binning & skipping (UK).  This is the technique of searching through discarded items or even garbage to find something useful.

This "something" might be food, clothing, magazines, newspapers, TVs or toys.  One class of "binners" searches through garbage bins outside computer or electronic shops, and sometimes finds items that are worth a lot of money but that were thrown away by the shops.                    (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その134
dumpster                    金属製の大型ごみ収集箱
diving                      突っ込む(飛び込む)こと
times                       時代、時勢
It seems like 〜       〜のように思える
either A or B               AかBのどちらか一方
broke                       無一文の
the latter                  後者
make ends meet              帳尻を合わせる
survive financially         金銭的に生き延びる
make the most of 〜     〜を最大限に利用する
the little that we have     ほとんどないもの
art of dumpster diving      ごみの缶をあさる技術
bin                         (英)ごみ箱
worth a lot of money        高額な価値がある

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