Dumpster Diving (2)


The word "dumpster" refers to a large metal container usually placed behind a shop, supermarket or factory, and which is used to store the garbage of the shop.

Dumpster "divers" are people who might actually climb ("dive") into the container to search it for useful items.  This, of course, is usually done after the shop closes, as the shop owners tend to prohibit the activity.

The practice of dumpster diving is alive and well in Tokyo.  (remember the homeless guys who sell manga they picked out of the trash ?)

Some people have found kitchen items, DVDs, sofas, PCs, heaters, and much more.

People might hesitate to use clothes found in the trash, but some have found bags of clean clothes in very good conditions that someone through away.

Unlike Westerners, Japanese people don't like to use items that are old or used, so might throw out perfectly good things that others would keep for years...

It probably helps to be shameless if you want to do dumpster diving, but you may just find a treasure...                     (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その135
refer to 〜         〜に言及する、〜を意味する
place                        置く
prohibit                     禁じる
alive                        存続している
hesitate to 〜        〜するのをためらう
unlike Westerners            西洋人と違って
shameless                    恥知らずな

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