J.S's Blogs for English Village (10)


I think the most difficult things in a foreign country are things that you know are polite in the new country, but they are not polite in your home country !

Saying "Osaki ni shitsureishimasu" was not satisfying to my friend, because saying "Sorry I'm leaving before you" is not as polite as "Have a nice weekend" in English.  Saying otsukaresama is not always satisfying to me, because I worry I'm saying it too much or incorrectly.

In my first job, whenever a student's mother entered the building, all of the staff members were supposed to shout as loudly as possible, ohayou gozaimasu!

It was mortifying for me, because where I come from, shouting loudly in a building, and especially shouting at clients, is completely impolite.
Learning new manners is not so difficult, but forgetting old manners is a lot harder !

英会話表現&英単語 その136
satisfying                     得心のいく、満足できる
not as polite as 〜      〜ほど丁寧でない
incorrectly                    不適当に
whenever 〜           〜する時はいつも
mortify                        はずかしめる、胸をいためる
shout at clients               お客に向かって叫ぶ

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