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Many years ago, when I was teaching in China, I tried on a pale green shirt at a silk market.  The Chinese custommers all clapped and exclaimed about how nice I looked.  When I asked my American friend, however, she replied that the color made my skin look so pale that I seemed dead.
"Yes ! Yes !" said the Chinese salesclerk.  "Dead white is the best color for a young laday !"

It's almost summer again !  In America, that means lots of activities out of doors, and everyone getting what we call a "healthy tan".
In other words, goodbye winter dead white color, helllo attractive light brown color !  Right ?  Well, I guess not in Japan.
Here, summer sun means long gloves, sun parasols, and big visors to make sure women's skin doesn't get tanned.
As with many things, America and Japan seem to have the opposite idea: Americans think that if your skin is too white, you look sickly and weak, but in Japan people prize beautiful porcelain-like skin !

英会話表現&英単語 その137
try on                      試着する
pale green                  淡い緑色
clap                        拍手する
exclaim about 〜      〜だと感嘆の声を上げる
look so pale that I seem dead   青白すぎて死んでるように見える
healthy tan                 健康的な日焼け
In other words              言い換えると
visor                       日よけ
as with many things         多くの点で
sickly and weak             病弱で弱々しい
prize                       ほめる
porcelain-like              磁器のような

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