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It's too late for me - I've already got a late spring tan from a barbecue last weekend.
So let me talk a little about the idea of "suntan".  English has two words, - suntan, and sunburn.  

If you get a tan, it means your skin becomes a little browner - or in other words, it becomes a tan color.  Notice we don't say that our skin becomes black !

If your skin becomes black, just like if food becomes black from fire, that's a serious problem !  You probably have 3rd degree burns and need to go to a hospital fast !

Sunburn means you have gotten too much sun, and your skin is a little burned (the same as if you spill boiling water on your skin)  In other words, your skin is not tanned, but red and painful.

Some people "burns easlily", which means they must be extra careful to protect their skin form sunburns.

Right now, I am a littel tanned, but I'll probably start using a parasol soon.  How about you ?

英会話表現&英単語 その138
let me talk about 〜      〜についてお話しさせてください
Notice we don't say 〜     〜とは言わないことを覚えておいてください
3rd degree burns                第3度の火傷
spill boiling water             熱湯をこぼす
burn easily                     日焼けしやすい
extra careful                   特に注意する

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