Famous by Internet (1)


Everyone knows that the Internet has had a big effect on our lives, from business, music, science and other aspects.

Recently, people have become famous overnight by means of the internet, and some have become rich as a result.

Musicians, actors, bloggers and those who are just "famous for being famous" have literally come from nothing, in some cases, and have turned into world-famous online celebrities.

How do they do it ?  Often by posting a video on You Tube, Vine, Instagram or other sites, which,  because of an internet Meme (phrase, action, or idea) goes viral (spreads quickly on the net), and is seen by many people.

How the video or other posting spreads, and how far it spreads is most important in whether the person becomes famous or not.                           (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その141
have an effect on 〜      〜に影響する
other aspects                  他の側面
by means of 〜         〜の手段で、〜によって
as a result                    その結果
famous for being famous        確たる理由もなく有名になる
meme                           ミーム(インターネット上での再現・模倣による増殖)
viral                          ウィルス性の

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