Famous by Internet (2)


Sometimes, it's hard to believe people become hugely famous (and influential) just by doning what seems a very normal action.

For example, a 24-year old British girl named Zoella became famous (over 4 million YouTube subscribers to her channel) just by showing items that she bought when she went shopping.

A 6-year old African-American from Georgia became famous when his teenage neighbor posted a video of him doing a funny dance.  The boy, TerRio, now makes money from TV appearances, T-shirts, songs and other things.

This is not only an American or British phenomenon.

In China, a young woman named 'Sister Lotus' has become well-known for her self-descriptive blogs, dance posts and other activities...

It is said that the new Hollywood is the internet.  With easy access to possible fame and riches for millions of people, this may turn out to be true...                       (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その142
influential                    影響力を持つ
phenomenon                     現象
lotus                          ハス、スイレン
well-known for 〜       〜で良く知られる
self-descriptive               自分について記述した
possible fame and riches       名声と富が得られる可能性
turn out to be true            本当のことになる

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