The Strange English of Young People (3)          No.20


A similar word is "goes",which does have a definite meaning as a replacement for "say" or "said": "So my mom goes, whose that boy ? and I go, nobody special..."
The word "school" also now has a different meaning from the traditional.  Most people used to think that the word school describes a place where students go to have classes.
Now, however, "school" has become a verb which means doing so well in something (usually a sports contest) that it's as if you are instructing others in exactly how to do this thing: "Tina got schooled by Maria in the tennis match."

If you feel confused by English phrases or words that kids are using these days, don't worry.  You can get by all right with standard English.  Still, it's fun sometimes to learn some of these words so that you can better enjoy movies and dramas...      (G.K)

お役立ち英会話表現 20
these days        最近、近頃
get by all right   なんとかやっていく

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