The 90s Were Great ! (1)


Every generation has a period of time which they consider the best.
Usually, it was the time when they were young, maybe as high school or college students.

When they're older, people look back at this time in their lives with nostalgia.  "Things were better then !"  They often say, forgetting the bad points of that era.

I like the 1970s myself, but lately I've also come to believe that 1990s were quite a nice decade also, for the following reasons :

1) There wasn't the endless war against terrorism, because maybe naively, we didn't realize the danger of groups like al-qaeda, and governments hadn't learned to use it as an excuse.
Sure, there was war in the former Yugoslavia, but it didn't have ominous feeling of today's flashpoints.

2) Technology - it was the dawn of the internet, and we just strted sending e-mails.  In the 90s, technology seemed like a great tool, but is hadn't yet taken over our lives as it has today.                                (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その143
consider the best                 ベストだと見なす
as high school or college students   高校生か大学生の時
look back at 〜           〜を振り返る
forgetting the bad points            悪いことは忘れて
come to believe that 〜       〜と信じるようになった
a nice decade                        素晴らしい10年
for the following reasons            次のような理由で
naively                              世間知らず(うぶ)にも
al-qaeda                             アルカイダ
as an excuse                         言い訳として
ominous feeling            不吉な予感
today's flashpoints                  今日の一触即発状況
the dawn of internet                 インターネットの夜明け
take over our lives                  我々の生活を乗っ取る

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