The 90s Were Great ! (2)


3) The economy - In Japan, the bubble had already broken, but people still had quite a lot of money.  In the US, the stock market was always going up.  It seemed like everyone was getting rich, and the Lehmann Shock was still over 10 years away.

4) Politics - In America, President Clinton still had high popularity despite his romantic scandals.  It was almost fun to debate politics, without the poisonous, hate-filled atmosphere we have today.

5) Music - Rap music had just started to be a major style.  It wasn't as dominant as it is now.  There was still room for "grunge" rock artists, like NIAVANA, and major pop stars like Britney Spears and Beyonce had just come on the scene.

6) TV - A lot of very popular TV comedies appeared at this time, such as Friends, Seinfeld and Full House.  There were very few "reality"shows, and this was a good thing !

7) Video games - in the 90s, the games were not as realistic as today, but they were more fun.  The Sega Genesis, SNES, Saturn and other game systems were great, and because the game designers didn't rely on graphics as much as today.  The games were better.

A lot of people think we're living in dangerous, stress-filled times now, and look back at the 1990s with a nice feeling...                                   (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その144
The Lehmann shock 〜 away      リーマンショックまでまだ10年以上あった
despite 〜            〜にもかかわらず
poisonous, hate-filled           有害で憎悪に満ちた
dominant                         圧倒的な、支配的な
grunge                           だらしない、お粗末な
come on the scene                登場する
rely on 〜             〜に頼る
look back at the 1990s           1990年代を振り返る

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