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Recently, I have been thinking about an issue close to my heart; hamburgers.

People ask me this question all the time: "What is American food ?"  Unlike for other countries, this is a very hard question to answer for America !
I think the image of American food that most foreigners have is hot dogs, hamburgers, steak, ice cream, french fries, pizza... in short, what Americans call "Fast food" or "Diner"food.

Another way to think about it would be to call that type of food "festival" food, just like yakisoba or okonomiyaki in Japan.  It's easy, delicious, a bit unhealthy, and not what you would usually eat at a fancy restaurant.

Another kind of American food is mostly based on Italian food... spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna, casserole, ravioli.  This is classic "home-cooked" food,  It's great for large families, and like most American family food, it's also easy, fast, delicious... and full of calories.

英会話表現&英単語 その145
an issue close to my heart        私にとって大切な問題
all the time                       決まっていつも
unlike for the other countries     他の国とは違って
french fries                       フライドポテト
in short                           かいつまんで言えば
fancy restaurant                   高級レストラン
based on 〜            〜に基づいて
lasagna                            ラザニア

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