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However, what did I eat growing up ?  A lot of soup, salad, light pasta, sandwiches, fish, fruit... that is the style from the west coast where I come from.

On the east coast, there is more European food styles, with heavy sauces.  In Texas, there is steak, chicken salad, jello puddings and fish.  In the south, pork barbecue is popular.

And to make things more confusing, usually in the United States, people often eat Mexican food, Thai food, Chinese food, Indian food, Greek food, sushi and so on !

So American food, just like American people, is a complicated mix of many cultures.  However, in my opinion, only in America you can eat a really good hamburger.

I'm not talking about a MacDonald's hamburger- those are considered the worst quality hamburgers !

英会話表現&英単語 その146
the west coast where I come from    私の出身地である西海岸
heavy sauces                        胃にもたれるソース
jello pudding                       ゼリーのプディング
make things more confusing          さらに分かりにくくする
and so on                           などなど
considered 〜            〜と見なされている

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