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If you have eaten only that kind of hamburger, then you have never really experienced a good hamburger.

Good hamburgers are big and juicy, made from the best ground beef.  The lettuce, tomato, pickles are fresh and crisp.  The cheese is high quality, the sauce is specially prepared with a secret recipe that is different at each restaurant.  If there is bacon, ham, pineapple, mushrooms,  avocado or any other special ingredients, they are also thick, juicy and fresh.
The bun is homemade and lightly toasted.  Just like sushi, I think a good hamburger is art !  (By the way, hamburgers are also the most popular thing to make for a summer barbecue !)

My favorite kind of hamburger is called a Hawaiian burger, which means it has pineapple and ham added to it - they add a touch of sweetness to the meat flavor !

I also like peanut butter burgers (remember, peanut butter in America is salty, not sweet), but that kind of burger is not for everyone.

My favorite breakfast is also a kind of hamburger - a beef patty with cheese melted over it. It's a great way to start your day !

If you go to America, please check for good hamburger restaurants.  You will be amazed at the difference !

英会話表現&英単語 その147
ground beef                          牛のひき肉
fresh and crisp                      新鮮でぱりっとしている
secret recipe                        秘密のレシピ
ingredient                           材料
bun                                  丸い小型のパン
by the way                           ところで
touch of sweetness                   ちょっとした甘さ
not for everyone                     好みが分かれる
patty                                小型のパイ
check for 〜             〜を調べる
be amazed at 〜           〜にビックリする

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