Let's talk about it ! (47)


Let's talk about potato chips !

I love them and I bet you love them too.  In fact, I never met a person in my whole life who said they didn't like potato chips.  Have you ?

Potato chip is American English.  In British English potato chips are called, potato crisps.  Potato chips are a major part of the snack food industry (about 36 percent of the share).

Potato chips only came into being around 1853, invented kind of by chance by a cook at the Moon's Lake House in Saratoga Springs, New York.  His name was George Crum, a native American.

He was trying to please a customer, so he sliced a potato as thin as he could and dropped the slices into frying oil.  When they turned a light brown color, he took them out of the oil and sprinked them with salt.  "Delicious !" cried the satisfied customer, thus potato chips were born.

Recently I like Chip Star consume.  How about you ?  Calbee Nori-shio ?                                (V.C)

英会話表現&英単語 その156
I bet (that) 〜          きっと〜だと思う
In fact                            実際
Have you (ever met〜) ?            あなたはありますか?
come into being                    生まれる、現れる
kind of by chance                  ある意味偶然に
native American                    インディアン
please                             喜ばせる
as thin as he could                出来るだけ薄く
sprinkle them with salt            塩でまぶす
thus                               このようにして

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