Let's talk about it ! (48)


Let's talk about health !

First, let me ask you, are you healthy ?  Have you been to the doctor lately ?  How about colds ?  Do you often get sick, like catching the flu ?  Do you get flu shots ?  Are you worried about your health ?  Of course, you are.

We are human beings and humans, like other life forms on the earth are targets for disease.  We are in a constant fight with harmful bacterias and viruses.  It's hard to stay healthy all the time.

However, there is some defense.  Eating a well balanced diet is helpful.  Making sure you get enough nutrients is very important.  You also have to drink an ample amount of liquid each day.  Dehydration is dangerous and can lead to many health issues.  You also need to get some quality sleep every night.  Another vital defense against illness is exercise.

Do you walk enough each day ?  Do you climb steps ?  Do you go to the gym ?  Having a positive attitude is really good too !  And laughter !  There is a saying in English which goes like this "Laughter is the best medicine !"                        (V.C)

英会話表現&英単語 その157
lately                         最近
flu                            インフルエンザ
shot                           注射
human being                    人類、人間
life form                      生命体
virus                          ウィルス
well balanced diet             バランスのとれた食事
nutrient                       栄養素、栄養になるもの
ample                          十分な
dehydration                    脱水状態
vital defense againt 〜        〜に対する絶対必要な防衛
positive attitude              積極的な姿勢

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