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English is the international language now.

In the old days, perhaps a hundred, or so, years ago, it was French.  Since the end of World War 2, Japan has concentrated great efforts to learn English in the schools, and privately, of course.

Without English, Japan could not survive as the third greatest economy in the world.  As an island nation, international trade is vital for Japan, which is dependent on importing raw materials from foreign countries, manufacturing goods, and then exporting them to various countries around the world.

For the Japanese businessman, English is the key to economic success.  They often go overseas to do business.                              (V.C)

英会話表現&英単語 その158
a hundred or so                 100かそこいらの
vital                           極めて重要な
raw material                    原材料、素材
manufacture goods               商品を製造する

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