Some Interesting Urban Legends (2)


Tiger was outraged: "But I'm the Tiger !"   "I don't care if you're the Lion King.  You can't come in unless you're 21 !"  The bouncer replied.

A funny story, but not true.  No club in the world would have refused Tiger Woods, even if he was underage !

A newer urban legend said that the crew of a Japanese whaling ship, the "Nisshin Maru" was attacked by a group of killer whales (orcas) and 16 crew members were killed.  Those people who don't like the practice of whaling probably loved the irony, but the story is completely not true.

A baseball urban legend recently said that N.Y.Yankees star Derek Jeter has cancelled his retirement and signed a contract to play for the rival Boston Red Sox.  Not true !
( and Yankees fans would kill him if he did )

An urban legend about Disney says that in the 1977 animated film "The Rescuers" there is a scene about 38 minutes into the movie in which two mice, Bianca and Bernard, are flying through a town on the back of a bird,
As they pass one building, a topless woman can be seen in a window.  This story is ... True !

Disney had to recall over 3 million copies of the movie because the scene really hurts Disney's image as a family company.
Apparently, the very brief scene was included by some technician in post-production as a joke...                     (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その162
outraged                           激怒した
unless 〜             〜でなければ
underage                           未成年
killer whale                       シャチ(orca)
practice of whaling                捕鯨の習慣
apparently                         あきらかに
as a joke                          冗談で

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