Why a Lot of Americans Love NASCAR (1)


This past week, one of the major news stories in America was that a car driver in a NASCAR race hit and killed another driver who had crashed his car and had gotten out of the car and walked onto the track to confront the first driver who subsquently killed him.

It's a terrible and confusing incident (was the killing accidental or on purpose ?) but it again spotlighted the sport of NASCAR (National Association for Stock-Car Auto Racing), which is very popular for many Americans.

A stock car is a racing car which has been strengthened to withstand the minor collisions between cars in the races, whch take place on an oval track in an outdoor stadium.

For myself, it's hard to see why people enjoy seeing cars just going around and around a track endlessly.                      (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その163
this past week                    この1週間
subsequently                      その後に
accidental or on purpose          偶然なのか故意なのか
withstand                         耐える
take place                        行う、起こる
oval                              楕円形の
for myself                        自分自身は
go around and around              ただただまわり続ける

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