Twilight at Odaiba


Presently, I am sitting on the grass at the rear side of Odaiba (which does not face Tokyo) overlooking at inlet where ships are docked.

There is a slight chill breeze which freezes the fingers more than the mind, but the hill at my back and the tree to my left protects me from the worst of it.

The sun is down for the night and the bustle of Tokyo is far away and suppressed.  The dim light of the lamp posts, and the gentle ocean ending its journey against the walls of the walkway, maintain the peaceful ambiance.

As I write this, I periodically stop playing my old friend, the shakuhachi, to collect my thoughts and relax my spirit.                                            (D.H)

英会話表現&英単語 その169
twilight                             たそがれ、夕暮れ
presently                            今、現在
rear side of 〜                  〜の後ろ側
face 〜               〜に面する
overlook                             見おろす、見晴らす
inlet where ships are docked         船が停泊してる入江
chill breeze                         冷たい風
protect from the worst               最悪の事態から免れる
bustle of Tokyo                      東京の喧騒
suppress                             抑える、抑制する
dim light                            かすかな明かり
ambiance                             雰囲気、環境

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