The Different Meanings of "Work" (2)


Another use of "work" is in the phrase (to) "work out", which in one meaning, is to exercise perhaps at a gym.

As a noun, a "workout" is an exercise session.  "Work out" is actually an old phrase, but didn' become popular in this usage until the middle 20th century...

The other meaning of "work out" is to do something to solve a problem, to go through a process in which a difficulty is overcome.  One example is the Beatles hit song "We can work it out".

A popular phrase, at least in the USA is "works for me"
This is usually said as a response to a proposal made by another person.  
Roger : Why don't we skip lunch so we can go home earlier ?
Tom ;   Works for me.

The meaning is that Roger's suggestion is acceptable to Tom.

Yet another variation of "work" is "works" meaning those things produced by a creative artist such as a painter or writer.  ex: the collected works of Shakespeare.

Last but not least, as an idiom, we often say a strange or not-so-good person is a " piece of work" meaning a unique person, in a negative sense...  ex:  John is a real piece of work.                               (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その174
in this usage                     この使い方では
go through 〜           〜を切り抜ける
overcome a difficulty             困難を乗り越える
"Works for me !"                  構わないよ!
works                             作品
last but not least                最後になってしまったが

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