Destination : Unknown (3)   (a short story)


As the girl pointed the - weapon ? - at Toshi, his leg muscles began vibrating uncontrollably.  He felt he might crash to the ground.

Out of reflex, he threw his briefcase, which struck the girl's arm, causing the weapon tube to fall to the ground with a clank ! sound.

The boy and girl drew back in shock.  Apparently Thoshi's reaction was not a common one.

Trying to master his suddenly weak legs, he began running away again.  Some businessman, his eyes wide, regarded Toshi with fear.

"Sorry !" Toshi called, pulling the man by his arm so that he was between the kids and Toshi a human shield.  Other bystanders stood nearby, also shocked.                        (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その177
vibrate uncontrollably            制御不能なほど震える
crash to the ground               地面に倒れ込む
out of reflex                     反射的に
cause the weapon to fall          武器を落とさせる
clank sound                       (金属が固い物に当たる)カチンと言う音
draw back in shock                驚いて後ずさりする
apparently                        明らかに
master weak legs                  弱った脚をならす
regard                            じっと見つめる
human shield                      人間の盾
bystander                         見物人

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