Sounds in English (2)            No.22


Nature Sounds: Wind=Whoosh,  Lightning=Craack!  Thunder=Booom!

Guns:  rifle=Crack! or Pow!  A pistol's sound is described the same way.  Sometimes Blam! or Ka-pow! is also used.  A machine gun (like a cannon's ) sound could be Ka-booom! or Boom!  This sound is also used for explosions...

Cars: Rooar! or Vroom!  A car's brakes sound like Screech!  Sometimes Zoom! is also used to show speed...

Other sounds: When a fire is burning, it crackles.  This is the sound of the flame, burning sometimes.
A person's scream=eeyahh! or eek!
A person's shout=Aargh!  or sometimes Yahh!
A crash of a car=Smaash!   food in a frypan=Sizzle...
Something falling on the floor=Whump! or Thud!

There are many, many other sounds in English. But these are perhaps most common.      (G.K)

お役立ち英会話表現 22
lightning       稲妻、稲光
thunder         雷鳴、雷の音
scream          キャーと叫ぶ、金切り声
shout           どなる、大声で叫ぶ

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