Destination : Unknown (6)   (a short story)


Toshi actually dropped his phone.  No number, for his boss, Kimura ?  And his office's number "Not valid " ?

Panic rose and gripped his chest.
Like many Japanese people, Toshi took a kind of comfort from the monotony of daily life.  To an outsider, it may seem to be boring, but a life without too many surprises was not a bad thing.  But now that concept was being upended...

His mind numb, he just started walking.  The rain had stopped but he didn't notice.  He thought of asking someone if the world had suddenly changed without his knowledge, but that was absurd.  

Anyway, people still looked at him as if he was a strange object dropped into their midst.  This made Toshi hesitate to ask someone any questions.                                (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その184
panic rose                   恐怖が湧きあがった
gripped his chest            彼の胸をわしづかみにした
monotony of daily life       日常生活の単調さ
was being upended            逆になっていた
his mind numb                何も考えられないまま
without his knowledge        彼が知らないうちに
dropped into their midst     彼らの真ん中に落ちてきた
make hesitate to ask         聞きにくくする

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