The Great Wall of China (2)


Marco himself did travel in that direction, but probably only as far as Turkey and perhaps it was there he heard tall tales from travelers returning from the Far East.

This is not very clear, but what is clear is that these tall tales stimulated my imagination and planted the thought in my mind that I would go to China, and that one day, I would stand on top of The Great Wall.

Well, one day, while I was teaching at the Joyo Geibun Center, one of my students by the name of Tokura asked me if I could join him for a cup of coffee and an important conversation after class.  

I said sure, I'd be delighted, and so when the class was over, we ducked into a cozy nearby coffee shop, sat down, ordered two cups of American coffee and he began to talk.                                        (V.C)   

英会話表現&英単語 その190
tall tales                    荒唐無稽な話
plant the thought in 〜    考えを〜に植え付ける
by the name of 〜       〜という名の
I'd be delighted              喜んで
duck into a cozy shop         感じの良い店にひょいと入る

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  • 吉祥寺
  • 池袋西口
  • 池袋東口
  • 新宿西口
  • 新宿南口
  • 渋谷
  • 渋谷宮益坂
  • 銀座三丁目
  • 銀座四丁目
  • 神田
  • 東京八重洲
  • 五反田
  • 横浜