Destination : Unknown (10)   (a short story)


The cop just stared hard at him.  " You work in a company here but you can't find it ?  How strange, sir. "
Toshi had a bad feeling about this.  Despite his initial kind words, the policeman seemed full of suspicion.  He wondered if he would actually be arrested.
" Er, I'm from a different branch.  I'll just call them.  Thank you anyway. "  he said , walking away.  The cop stared after him. frowning.

If it hadn't been for the rain, Toshi might have missed the strangest ride of his life.
He had started cycling to his office ever since his doctor told him he was a prime candidate for "metabolic syndrome."                              (G.K)

英会話表現&英単語 その194
stare hard at 〜        〜をにらみつける
despite 〜           〜にもかかわらず
full of suspicion              完全に疑ってかかる
wonder if 〜          〜かもしれないと思う
Thank you anyway              (いずれにしても)ありがとう
frown                          険しい顔をする
If it hadn't been for the rain  雨が降ってなければ(仮定法)
prime candidate for 〜     最も〜になりそうな人

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