Common Errors of Japanese Speakers of  English Language (1)  


1) So So

This expression is rarely used in real life English.  Although it is heard from time to time, in general it sounds old-fashioned and has the feel of the kind of English that one sees in English learning books but rarely encounters in real life.
Instead of saying "so so" in response to a question, I will discuss some more natural sounding alternatives that will make you sound more like a local below.
With questions asking how you are, instead of responding with "So so", one can instead try using one of these expressions which means more or less the same thihg - "Alright" "Not bad" "Pretty well" "OK / Okay".

■ Example:  Hi, how are you doing ?   Okay, and you ?

In situation when one is asked how something (not a person but an event or situation) was or is, you can try using "Alright" or "OK" instead of "So so".

■Example:  How was the baseball game ?   Alright. It was a slow game.          (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 23
rarely         めったに〜しない
from time to time   時々
in general     普段、一般的に
encounter      出会う
more or less    多かれ少なかれ
alternative         選択肢

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