How is Japan different ? (2)


 Another example of this respect for public spaces is the lack of vandalism, graffiti, and the lack of the theft of personal items left in public spaces.  Whether it be a bicycle parked in front of an apartment building, a potted plant sitting on the stairs of a home, or a toolbox left in the back of a pickup truck, the Japanese, in general, have little trepidation about leaving personal stuff outside, knowing full well that the chances of it being stolen are very small.

In Ameican and British societies, property theft is generally much more of a problem.  Bikes in America have elaborate locks to prevent theft, potted plants are stolen often and flowers and vegetable plants are frequently pulled out of the ground by thieves in the middle of the night in urban areas.  Furthermore, reckless vandalism and graffiti of cars and walls is a palpable problem in western societies that is largely absent from Japan.           (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 26
vandalism      破壊行為
graffiti         落書き
theft           窃盗、盗み
trepidation    不安、恐怖
elaborate      手の込んだ、精巧な
reckless       向う見ずな、無謀な
palpable       明白な、はっきりした

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