How do you feel ?   (2)


If a person is not having a good day, but doesn't want to be specific, they might say "I've been better..." (in response to "How are you ?" )  The meaning is, "I've been better than I am right now. Now is not so good."

What do we say if we are feeling stress ?  Well, we might just say it directly : "I'm really stressed out..."
If we're nervous, we can communicate that by saying something like "I'm a nervours wreck..." (a wreck is a person or thing which is in a terribe condition)

Some people who are very nervous say "I'm climbing the walls !"  This means that the person is so nervous that it is difficult to stay in a room without climbing up on the walls because of nervous energy.  Of course, a person doesn't really do this, but that's how they're feeling inside.

Now if someone is angry, they could describe that by using a phrase like "I'm really pissed off!  (pissed off being a condition of anger)  In the past, we may have said "I'm really hot under the collar !" but that phrase is not used much nowadays.  The collar refers to a shirt collar and indicates the fact that an angry person sometimes has a red colored neck, at least in our image.

So, the next time someone asks how you feel, you can say somethin more than "fine..." by using these phrases.     (G,K)

お役立ち英会話表現 28
specific     はっきりした、具体的な
wreck        破滅、残骸
pissed off   怒った、いらいらした

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