Religion in the West   (2)


Barack Obama was seen by many Americans as not being religious enough, even if he has publicly stated many times that he is a Christian believer.  Furthermore, if Barack Obama were an atheist (someone who does not believe in any god), or if he were of a different religion (for example Muslim or Jewish) his chances of being elected would have been much less.

I suggest that you ask your English teacher about their religious backgroun and, if he or she is not religious, then maybe discuss the major religious groups found in their hometown and their observations about these religious groups.  A large percentage of Americans go to church every Sunday and celebrate holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Lent.  If your teacher celebrates or has celebrated any of these holidays in the past, you might be able to learn a lot and have a good conversation about religion's larger place in Western  culture.  Though Japan is not a religious country, the reasons for the lack of religion in your society may be a topic that leads, to some good conversations about the different histories of our respective lands.  Ameicans, in particular those who grew up in larger cities, may have grouwn up around people of different faiths and can discuss with your some of these lesser known groups such as Muslims, Hindus and Jewish people.           (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 30
furthermore       その上、さらに
atheist           無神論者
Lent              受難節(キリスト教)
lesser known      あまり知られていない

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