What do I call you ?  (1)


Students of English, after they learn the basics of conversation are still sometimes confused about what to "call" people.
In Japan, people often use "honorifics" such as the other person's first or family name plus "-san", "-chan", "-kun" or "-sama".

However, in English it's sometimes difficult to know how to use a foreign person's name.

If your co-worker's name is Thomas Miller, do you call him "Miller-san" ?  "Mr.Miller"?  or " Tom" or "Thomas" ?

When you meet someone for the first time, it's safer to be a bit formal.  "Mr.〜   ", or "Ms. 〜    "  or perhaps " 〜  san".
Probably if the person is American or from an English-speaking European country, they will say "please call me "(first name)".

お役立ち英会話表現 31
honorific           敬語
co-worker           同僚
for the first time    初めて

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