What do I call you ?  (2)


Japanese are sometimes shocked at how casual business people from other countries are.  Even the boss is often called by his first name !

By the way, if a title is used with a man, it is almost always "Mr."  For women, if she's a single laday, "Miss" is often used, and if she's married, it's usually "Mrs."( pronounced "Missus" or "Misses").  However, nowadays it's okay to call both marreid and single ladies "Ms. " (pronounced like "Miz")
Generally, an older person (over 50 years old) prefers a more formal style: "Good morning Mr.Tyler...", but this is not a rule...

So, at first be formal, but after that, relax and don't be shy about using first names and hearing people  you just met call you "Takashi" or "Ayumi".  It's all natural...

お役立ち英会話表現 32
almost always         ほとんどいつも
at first               最初は
Don't be shy about 〜  遠慮しないで〜する

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