I think, I guess, I believe (1)


 What do you think ?  What do you believe ?  
These are common qestions, and we often must give some answer to them.
"I think  〜  " is one of the most normal phrases in English.
  Usually, "Think" means to use the brain in some way, but when we say "I think  〜  ", it normally means "I believe (something).
For example, "I think it will rain tomorrow." means that it is my belief or my feeling that rain will come tomorrow.
We can also say something like "I think Abe's doin a good job." which again is an opinion or a belief.

Another common phrase is "I guess  〜  ."  Once again, this is a way to express a feeling or belief, but in this case, there is a slightly bigger sence of uncertainty.

お役立ち英会話表現 33
in some way    なんらかの形で
once again         再度繰り返しますが
in this case       この場合
uncertainty        不安、不確かさ

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