The United States and Its Baseball Idioms #1 (1)


Baseball is the most American of all sports games.  Though it currently is second most popular to American football in the U.S., it has a much longer and deeper history than American football does.
From my parents' generation on back, baseball was by far the most watched and played sport in America.  Due to its centuries of popularity in the United States, the game has slowly dropped certain words and phrases into the greater English lexicon over the years.            

Here is the first of several common baseball idioms that you can use in your daily lives in order to sound more natural and like a native speaker.
Note that most native English speakers of any nationality ( Australia, England, etc.) understand these expressions due to their spread around the Anglophone world through American moveis and music.            (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現  38
by far            はるかに
due to 〜      〜のおかげで
lexicon      (特定分野の)語彙
over the years      数年かに渡り
Anglophone         英語を母国語にする

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