The United States and Its Baseball Idioms #1 (2)


1) To hit a grand slam

In baseball, a grand slam is a homerun that is hit when the bases are full ( there is a runner already on first, second and third base ).  Therefore, a grand slam means that four runs are scored: that of the hitter combined with those of the three runners on the bases.  In other words, a grand slam is the best hit a player can possibly hit.  Grand slams are rare and dramatic, sometimes changing important baseball games very quickly.

As an idiom. " to hit a grand slam " means to be very successful or to win in some activity, though it is likely seen the most in the business world.  Here are two examples to give you a better idea of its use:

" The Ipad was a huge success which helped Apple's profits for 2010 to be much higher than expected.  The Ipad was a grand slam for Apple."

" Shinzo Abe's economic policies, commonly known as Abenomics, have so far been a huge success in Japan.  Many economists consider them to be a grand slam, bringing much needed inflation and a weakening of the yen currency, which has allowed Japanese exporters to thrive. "            (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 39
grand slam         満塁ホームラン
therefore         それ故に
in other words     言い換えれば
currency     通貨
thrive          繁盛する、栄える

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