The United States and Its Baseball idioms  #2 (2)


" At the business meeting, members of the department pitched ideas about how to improve the company's decreasing sales.  After a few hours of talking, the manager had many good ideas to improve the corporation's economic situation."

3) To strike out

In baseball, this expression means that a batter has three strikes and finished batting without a hit.  In other words, the batter was given a chance to hit the baseball and he failed to hit the ball so he must leave the field and sit on the bench.

As an idiomatic expression, "to stike out" means to fail.  It is often though not always used in situations where a person or organization has failed repeatedly.  Here are two useful examples that will give you a better idea of how to include this expression in your daily converstations:

" Every time he talked to the girl she seemed bored with their conversations.  He decided to show his romantic interest for her one more time and he directly asked her our on a date but she politely declined.  He had struck out with this beautiful girl."

" He prepared a long time for the interview and thought that the interview went well, howevere, the next day the company called him and told him that he did not get the job.  He had struck out this time but he has plans to apply to more jobs in the future. "             (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 41
ask her out on a date      彼女をデートに誘う
politely decline      丁寧にことわる
apply to more jobs         さらに多くの仕事に応募する

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