The United States and Its Baseball Idioms #3(2)


5) "To be a major league player"

This expression is very similar to the one above.  It literally  means a baseball player who plays professional baseball.  As an idiomatic expression, it refers to sommeone who works among the best in the world in their area of work. In other words, it means that the person is one of the best in their field.  Here are two example sentences that will help you better understand how to use this idiom more naturally in your English classes at English Village.

"Steve Jobs was one of the most well konwn people in the computer world before his death.  His ideas influenced the whole industry.  He was a major league player in the tech world."

"China's economy is growing rapidly and will, in our liftime, become the biggest in the world.  A generation ago China's economy was small in the world but today it is without a doubt a major league player in the global economy."              (J.F)

お試し英会話表現 43
in other words          言い換えれば
well known            よく知られた
in our lifetime         私たちが生きてる間に
a generation ago        一世代前は

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