I didn't catch that: problems of listening (1)


One of the problems that English learners have is listening to native speakers.
In the textbook and on the study CD,  the English word is usually easy to read or hear.  But listening in real situations is hard.
A lot depends on the native speaker's pronunciation.  There is a very big difference in the way that some English  speakers say the same words.
Another problem is that native speakers, especially in casual conversation, "push" words together to sound like one fast word.
For example, the words "how was..." might sound like "howwuz". or "isn't he...?" may be heard by you as "iznnee ? "

Well-known examples such as "wanna" for want to or "gonna" for giong to are usually covered in textbooks.  However, there are many others in daily conversation.     (G.K)

お役立ち英会話表現 その44
depend on 〜     〜次第、〜によって決まる
especially             特に
well-known           よく知られた
daily conversation      日常会話

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