The United States and Its baseball Idioms #4 (2)


" The construction company always played hardball with its sppliers and demanded that they receive the best prices possible or else they would stop doing business with them.   In many cases, they dropped suppliers because they would not lower their prices as little as one cent."

"When the couple got divorced because the husband cheated, the wife played hardball in court and forced the husband to give her a settlement of ten million dollars, including their large boat and house in Beverly Hills.  The wife paid some of the best lawyers in the country to help her fight her husband."

7) To throw a curve ball

In baseball, when a pitcher throws a curve ball they give the ball a spin by turning their wrist when the baseball leaves their hand.  In this way, the ball spins in the air and can move in an unexpected direction and trick the batter by the time it reaches home plate.
Similarly, when used as an idiom, this expression refers to an action that surprises and is not expected at all.  Sometimes, though not always, this element of surpriser is given on purpose in order to purposely deceive somenon.  Below are two sentences that use this expression.

" I threw my family a corveball when I decided to leave university and become a Buddhist monk in a Kyoto temple.   My family were so surprised and thought I was joking at first when I told them about my decision. "

" It was a very sunny day and 25 degrees on Saturday morning.   However, by Saturday night it was -5 degrees and snowing.  The weather had thrown us a curveball in that no one expected the temperature to drop 30 degrees in such a short period of time.  We were all completely shocked !"           (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 47
or else            さもないと
as little as one cent      一銭たりとも
(husband) cheat        浮気する
on purpose           故意に
Buhddist monk        僧侶、お坊さん

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