Onomatopoeia Part 1 (1)


Human beings, animals and objects all make sounds.
For example, when one closes a door, it will make a sound.  Similary, when one slams a door very hard, it will make a similar sound, albeit this time slightly louder and different-sounding.

In the English Language we have a name for sounds of this sort that the things and living things around us make: onomatopoedia.
One of the most famous examples is the sound that dogs make when they bark:  "woof,woof."   There are hundreds of onomatopoeia in common usage and learning them can make your written English sound more natural and more fluent.  It is important to note that these expressions can almost exclusively only be found in written English and NOT in spoken Egnlish.  

For example, when dogs bark one does not hear "woof woof", but rather a loud, non-sensical sound coming from their mouths.                      (J.F)

お役立ち英会話表現 49
onomatopoeia         擬声音
human beings         人類、人間
slam a door          ドアを(乱暴に)閉める
exclusively           それだけに限られた

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