Jesseの旅ログ in 台湾【新宿西口校】

What’s Up Everyone! Moeno is back!




Taiwan’s weather felt just like Hawaii, much warmer than Tokyo at this time of year. We traveled by way of EVA Air which is the 3rd safest airline in the world. Pilots took measures to avoid turbulence by slightly maneuvering up and down in the air, making the trip smooth. Some airlines actually choose to fly straight through turbulence to cut costs. The better ones, like EVA or ANA increase or decrease altitude quickly to try and bypass zones of major turbulence.

Streets in Taiwan are wide, very wide, sometimes taking up to five minutes to get across. The underground passageways are many, so it’s easy to go underground and take MTR or metro routes to access different points on the other side of those mega streets. These mega streets make for great walking. Each day there we walked about 17,000 steps, good exercise.

I also noticed the animals are super relaxed in the city, no idea how they got that way. Perhaps it is a result of living in the city or being molded by the population, hustle and bustle, over time. They are so used to people walking and talking nearby that their reactions mimic human reaction.

One interesting point about the MTR (subway) station is the blue line on the floor you can find in front of some cars, but not all. The blue line means that the car you enter on the train has high security, extra cameras and other monitoring devices, in case you feel scared or sense danger. That means that the other cars on the train have less cameras and security. This is interesting because some people consciously choose less security over more security.

All in all, it was a fun trip, lots to do, places to walk and the city is full of nice people. The attitude of the city is more easy going than what we are used to in Tokyo, so it’s a good place to destress and let the mind wonder.

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