English Village is One of the Most Competitive English Schools in Tokyo.

We are looking for passionate English teachers who can help, inspire, and encourage students.

English Village started in 1990 specializing in one-to-one lessons for adults. We are one of the most competitive English schools in Tokyo, and now we have 12 schools in the Tokyo and Yokohama metropolitan area, while still expanding slowly but steadily. We are looking for native English speakers with great teaching and coaching skills for our one-to-one English learning classes as full time or part-time teachers.

No specific teaching methods you have to follow.

With our one-to-one teaching system, the role of English instructors is essential to our students. Not like other English schools, there are no methods you have to follow at English Village. You can teach students based on their needs by using your knowledge and full capacity. Each Student is unique and you will be required to excel at teaching a wide range of people of all ages with diverse backgrounds. You will also need strong interpersonal skills along with solid teaching techniques.

The teaching position at English Village can be challenging, but it is genuinely rewarding. You will be able to maximize your potential and become a professional one-to-one English teacher here.

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Thank You!

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